How Do Specialists Troubleshoot Washer & Dryer Failures?

6 Common Faults That Require Washer & Dryer Repair 



Did your washer or dryer stop operating all of a sudden? Before you start thinking of replacement and where to purchase new appliances, consider hiring a professional washer & dryer repair service. Here are the most common faults:


  • They do not start working. Maybe the machines do not receive power due to a faulty outlet or a tripped circuit breaker. Another common culprit could be a belt problem, faulty motor, or simply an improperly closed door. In any case, you will need to call a dependable repairman to investigate and troubleshoot the problem right the first time.

  • The door doesn’t open. If the appliance still has water in it, the door lock won’t release to prevent the risk of flooding. Another reason could be that water does not drain properly. Once washers and dryers detect the presence of water in the drum, they won’t open until they detect that it is safe to do so. Even if you do not see water in the drum, there might be water in the pipes from which water drains. Do not make any attempts to fix this issue yourself, but call a specialist.

  • Excessive vibrations. Basically, washers and dryers are a subject to certain movement, but it it becomes too heavy, there is something wrong. Check your floor, and see any signs for deterioration below the floor covering.

  • The washing machine won’t spin. The most common culprit is a broken, worn out, or loose belt. If that’s the reason, you will hear the motor working even though the drum is not spinning. Whatever the reason is, this problem must be fixed by a qualified professional.

  • The dryer does not heat. If that device produces little or no heat, it does not get the right amount of air. Also, avoid putting a lot of clothes in the machine.

  • Washer leaks. This is one of the worst problems. Bad seals or gaskets could be the causes. A bad main seal usually requires professional replacement. Another reason is a bad front door’s seal or a water pump with a bad seal.


All Type Services Appliance Repair/Heating & Cooling offers quick and quality washer & dryer repair service with lasting results. If you are located in St. Charles, MO, do not hesitate and reach us at (636) 228-3975.

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